Frugal Find!

A couple months back, while we we packing up our house to move, The Hubs called me and told me there was a perfectly good wooden hutch on the side of the road in town with “FREE” on it. I asked, “It is okay? Like, is it broken or anything?” And he responds, “No it’s nice.” And I said, “Let’s take it!” So this is what he brought home: A very “cottage-blue” hutch, about 6 feet tall. It’s smelled old. In fact, it stunk up our entire garage. But, the bottom doors were fully in tact, and it was completely structurally sound.It just needed a makeover.

For some reason, I have this way of seeing past “cottage blue”. I can see beyond even “kitchen hutch”, as originally I was going to use it in our dining room to store craft supplies. But after contemplation (and the fact that our dining room is too small for this large piece) I have decided that it is going to be the focal point in the Bug’s room. It’s going to be a beautiful deep wood tone after I scrape every bit of blue paint off it. I Envision either bright pink and chocolate brown accents or vintage looking black and white pictures as the backdrop of the shelves. It’s going to store all of the Bug’s toy sets in the drawers, and showcase her treasures on the shelves. It’s going to be perfect for her and her room.

So as soon as we get a warm day, you’ll find me outside in the driveway stripping paint, staining wood, and modge podging something cute to the shelves. Do you have any ideas that I need to see? I’d love to see your Pinterest link, so head over to my Facebook page and share your idea. I can always use additional inspiration. Please?


  1. yo mama says:

    Ooooh, I love it. Get some real girlie knobs for it too. Your hubs has a good eye.

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